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We have sequins and solid colours as well as custom designs. Since every event has a theme, from vintage to classic, to boho-chic to glam; we can provide you with backdrop options that fit your particular event's vibe. And if we don't have one you love, we can provide you with a quote for a custom design. Take a look at the many options below. 


When is the last time your held a printed picture in your hands? We believe printed pictures make great gifts for guests to remember the fun they had. Our prints are the perfect wedding favors! They are created in real-time while all the fun is happening.


Guests will walk away with a keepsake they will cherish forever. We personalize every print template with your name, monogram, hashtag, and logo. Our pictures come in different sizes, the most popular are 4x6 and 2x6 prints.



Foam Board Signs

Cash money garland

Crowns and Hats

Letter board & more!

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